Life changing! That is all we can say about these cookies. Only two ingredients, cashew butter and egg, and what you get is these delicious, shortbread-style cookies. We’ve paired these amazing cookies with a dollop of coconut yoghurt for some probiotic goodness as well as our easy sugar-free blueberry syrup, the recipe for which can be found here.

Often what makes a recipe gut-friendly is what it doesn’t have in it rather than what it does. This fab recipe is free of dairy, gluten, wheat and sugar making it a total winner in the health department, and not to mention they are tasty and insanely easy too!

This dough is best mixed by hand. Keep mixing until dough appears crumbly rather than slimy. Wash hands before rolling to ensure it doesn’t stick to your hands.

Gut Health with Nutritionist Liv Kaplan

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