I first discovered brown bread ice cream in an old copy of Mrs Beeton’s Everyday Cookery, and as an avid maker of simple ice cream and brown bread, decided to combine my two recipes. You don’t need an ice-cream maker for this one, I don’t own one. If you have an electric whisk or cake mixer, it will come in handy, but you can make this without – you just need a little patience and a firm hand.

MAKES AROUND 8 PORTIONS from 23p each . This post is not sponsored; I provide links to the ingredients that I use so you can see how I calculate my recipe costs, and I may earn a small commission if you click the links or purchase any ingredients. All prices correct at the time of printing and are subject to change.

100g wholemeal or brown bread, 5p (36p/800g loaf)

200ml whole milk, 11p (55p/1l)

3 egg yolks, 45p (89p/6 free range)

100g sugar, 7p (69p/1kg)

300ml double cream, £1.05

a fistful of sultanas, 4p (88p/500g)

2 tsp breadcrumbs, <1p

1 tsp sugar, <1p

a few pinches of ground cinnamon, <1p (85p/40g)

Soak the bread in the milk and stand to one side for an hour or so.

Beat the egg yolks in a large mixing bowl until pale and fluffy. Add the sugar and beat well. Pour in the cream and whisk until the mixture has almost doubled in size. Run a finger through: it should feel airy, light and fluffy, and not fall off your finger. A common mistake is to beat too hard, knocking the air out of it as quickly as you beat it in – you want a firm and rhythmic hand, but not too much vigour. It should stand in soft peaks when you lift your whisk out. If you scrimp on this step, your ice cream will set rock hard, and while it won’t be unpleasant, it will be that bit more difficult to eat.

Drain the milk from the brown bread, give it a gentle squeeze and tear it into small pieces. Fold it through the whipped cream mixture with the sultanas.

Pour it into a loaf tin or plastic container. Mix together the breadcrumbs, sugar and cinnamon and scatter over the top (if you forget this stage, you can do it just before serving). Cover the container with a lid or cling film to seal, and freeze for at least 4 hours.

Remove from the freezer 5 minutes before serving, to allow it to soften a little.

Recipe from ‘Cooking On A Bootstrap’ by Jack Monroe. Photography by Mike English. Like this? Made it? Comment below!

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