This is a fairly cheeky little recipe, mostly because it involves very little work at all – and looks and tastes far more impressive than it should do, considering the sum of its parts. I should confess I didn’t make the Yule log in the centre; I bought one from Asda on a whim and made it better. I’m a busy person, and also, I’ve never successfully managed to roll a Swiss roll up without smashing the whole thing to bits with my clod-handed impatience, so I wasn’t going to take the risk. The good thing is, Asda Swiss rolls (and other premade brands are available, I just live near Asda) are alright; the right side of soft, generous with the buttercream swirl, and left out on the counter all night by accident, they stay pretty moist and squishy. Sometimes, just sometimes, you can treat yourself to cheating. Because who cares for blood and tears and martyrdom with fondant sugar, when it tastes this good?

(If you object to Flakes, use milk or dark chocolate finely chopped into thin shards. None of these things are absolutes, they’re just ideas!)

Serves 8 from 38p each – it’s pretty rich!

Ready-made Cappuccino Swiss roll, £1

100g salted caramel icing, 44p (£1.75/400g)

4 Flake bars, £1

200g white chocolate, 60p

Decorations of choice (I used an assortment of sprinkles)

First grab a saucepan and fill with two inches of water. Place a mixing bowl over the top – metal or Pyrex, ideally not ceramic, and plastic is a terrible idea. Break the white chocolate into the bowl. Bring the water to the boil and reduce to a simmer for around ten minutes to melt the chocolate.

Unwrap the cappuccino roll and place it carefully on a plate, chopping board or cake board, in the centre. Using a pastry brush, brush on the caramel icing until it is just shy of half a centimetre thick.

Unwrap the flakes and, using a large, heavy, sharp knife, chop them lengthways to dismantle them into pieces of chocolate bark. Press these gently into the icing until the log is coated all over.

Remove the white chocolate from the heat and allow it to cool for a couple of minutes. Pour it over the flake-covered log a little at a time and brush it into the crevices until it is completely coated. It may slightly melt the Flake bars a little, this is fine.

Decorate it if you want to. Alllow to fully set before serving.

All text copyright Jack Monroe.

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