20 Secret Ingredient Cauliflower Recipes
You know the old saying… if life gives you cauliflower, make pizza crust.

What, that’s not a saying?! Well, I propose right here and now that it should be.

We all know cauliflower is a pretty great vegetable, sure. But do you know just how versatile it is? Did you know you can take a head of the stuff and make, yes, a pizza crust? Or a lightened-up version of mashed potatoes? How about hummus? Rice?! Popcorn! Buffalo wings!!

This incredible cruciferous vegetable isn’t only low in carbohydrates (perfect for those eating lower-carb diets); it’s utterly packed with nutrients. So the fact that you can transform it into a myriad of other things—usually as as substitute for something that would have been far more calorie-dense—it’s a very good thing.

Here are 20 brilliant cauliflower recipes from around the web that touch upon the infinite possibilities for this one remarkable vegetable.

Recipe Title: Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Description: Spicy cauliflower “wings” dipped in cool ranch sauce? Yes, please. McKel at Nutrition Stripped shares this recipe for game day or any day.

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