The number of recipes that have been gathered up for this post is quite amazing o.O I’d also like to say hello – I’ve been following your blog for a ridiculously long time now (Over a year at least?) Its about time I spoke up and said thank you!

Firstly your recipes are wonderful, that goes without saying, but secondly, I believe its been largely due to them that I realised how I wouldn’t MISS anything, at least at home, if I made the transition from vegetarianism to veganism. Starting with your recipes (including the savoury ones!) introduced me to the whole world of veganism online, and once I had enough knowledge of vegan cooking, and was doing it regularly anyway, the switch happened so naturally I only really noticed it afterwards… It’s a huge deal for me because I’ve wanted to be vegan for a while, yet I always thought it would be difficult and irksome – its been anything but!

I’ve very recently started my own cooking blog, after being encouraged to by my sister. My food photography has a long way to go yet before it accurately represents the taste of its subjects, but I owe it to you that I ever even started making the food I’m so familiar with now. Thank you SO much.

Sorry for the essay!xp

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