Firstly, a confession. This recipe is a twist on an Italian classic, Pappa al Pomodoro, which is essentially a bread-crust and tomato soup, with olive oil, salt and pepper, and sometimes garlic and basil or rosemary, depending on whose recipe you consider to be sacred. This version eschews the traditional, using dried stuffing crumbs to replace the bread and herbs. But Stuffing Crumb And Tomato Puree Soup didn’t seem like a particularly appetising recipe name, so I translated it into Italian as a nod to the original. Serves 1, from 31p 1/2 a small onion, 4p (80p/1kg, Growers Selection at Asda) 1 tbsp oil, 2p (£1.09/1l, Sunflower oil at Asda) 1 stock cube, 3p (39p/12, Asda) 2 tbsp sage and onion stuffing, 4p (35p/85g, Asda) 30g or 2tbsp tomato puree, 4p (27p/200g, Asda) 1/4 small bag of cherry tomatoes, 12p (49p/bag, Growers Selection at Asda) 1 tsp light coloured vinegar, white wine or cider are best but distilled malt vinegar will also work, <1p (29p/568ml, Distilled malt vinegar, Asda) 1 tsp sugar, <1p (65p/1kg, Silver …

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